June 2020 Challenge Badges - New function in Garmin Connect?

Challenge Badges? Is this a new function from Garmin?
Yesterday Garmin published new badge data with some interesting data. The badges are not public yet so we don't now what it really means, but we can always speculate :-)

Ordinary badges got two data fields:
"title" and "description"
These six new badges got two extra fields:
"challenge rule description" and "challenge rules summary"

Since the description has the text "Join" it might imply that you need to join to be a part of it. Garmin already got the Challenges function so this would fit good in there with the added fields for rules.

Since it start in June we will very soon find out.

June will be a busy month if you like to get all badges.

1-30: Run 100 miles - 3.33 miles/day = 5.36 km/day
5-7: Walk 3 miles in a single activity (4.83 km)
8-14: Bike 100 km (62.1 miles) in 7 days
12-14: Run 10 km in a single activity
15-28: Take 150.000 steps in 14 days
19-21: Bike 40 km (24.86 miles) in a single activity

The running and steps can be combined and if you focus most of your running activity to June 12-28 you will get three of them easier (run 100 miles, run 10 km and take 150.000 steps). One step is about 1 meter.

Major Miles - Join this challenge and record 100 miles of running activities in June.

Weekend Walking - Join this challenge and record a 3-mile walking activity from June 5-7.

Ride to 100 - Join this challenge and record 100 kilometers of cycling activities from June 8-14.

Weekend 10K - Join this challenge and record a 10-kilometer running activity from June 12-14.

Fortnight 150K - Join this challenge and record 150,000 steps from June 15-28.

Weekend 40K - Join this challenge and record a 40-kilometer cycling activity from June 19-21.

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