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October 2022 - Halloween

Join the October challengs now in Garmin Connect. Two month challenge - September and October Ride 45 Join this challenge and record 45 total hours of cycling activities. Can you last as long as the Edge 1040 Solar? Put your endurance to the test and record 45 total hours of cycling activities in two months to win the challenge badge Three month challenges - Stage 4 - October to December Last stage this year. I wonder if Garmin will continue with the staged challenges. The bike challenge hasn't been of much use due to the Tour challenges. 2022 Cycling - Stage 4 Join this challenge and record 675 kilometers (419.5 miles) of cycling activities from October 1 to December 31. 2022 Walking - Stage 4 Join this challenge and record 92 miles (148 km) of walking activities from October 1 to December 31. 2022 Running - Stage 4 Join this challenge and record 300 kilometers (186.5 miles) of running activities from October 1 to December 31. Full month challenges October Rundown Join this challe

Garmin Run - Taipei, September 18

On Sunday September 18 there are 3 new badges: Garmin Run - Taipei 6K Garmin Run - Taipei 11K Garmin Run - Taipei 21K You must change country setting to Taiwan to see them. Since the badges for "Garmin Asia Run Series 2022 – Malaysia" required that you logged the activity in Malaysia I believe that you need to run in Taiwan or even in Taipei. We will know on Sunday. Update! 2022-09-18 - You only need to change the country to Taiwan and run the required distances to get the badges. Garmin Badge Database Garmin Connect Change country setting

Garmin added new country requirement - Country setting and actual location

With the Garmin Asia Run Series badges Garmin added a new type of requirement for badges that we have never seen before: You have to set the location in your Garmin account AND do the activity in a specific country. It is pretty odd to require both.  If you do an activity in the required country but haven't changed the country you will not get the badge. The badge description didn't say that you had to do the activity in Malaysia except that it got the word "Malaysia". Usually the geo locked badges got a very clear description that you must do the activity in a certain place. If someone lives in Malaysia and got the location setting set to Malaysia and are on vacation in another country they will not get the badges either. The races badges are geo locked to a certain course, but they do not require that you change the country setting. Just do the required activity in the correct location and you will get the badge. I think that Garmin should have used that mechanism i