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April 2023 - Will we get expeditions this month?

Join the April challenges soon in Garmin Connect. New in this month: We might see expeditions. Other news: All standard badges that were announced in January are now active: Tacx challenges - Alpine Classic, Eleven Cities Tour and Pro Rides and the event badges - Set a Date, Sharing Is Caring and Mission Accomplished. Updates after initial post 2023-03-15 - Expeditions are here. You can join one climb and one hike at the same time. Join one of each and just log steps and floors climbed and you will eventually get the badges. They are labeled as limited time, but the end date is in 2099 so no need to hurry. 2023-03-30 - 2023 Songkran Festival is confirmed to require country Thailand. Expeditions - Update What we saw last month was just some general details about the expeditions. Now Garmin has listed 28 expeditions. You see them in the end of this post. They are famous climbs and hiking routes.  Since one of the descriptions from last month said that you only can do one expedition at a