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May 2021 badges - New Strength training challenge

Garmin just published the May challenges. Join them now in Garmin Connect. New in this month: "Gains" - Strength training Three month challenges - Stage 2 The three month challenges in stage 2 continues into the second month Plan to do at least a third of the distance each month to not fall behind. It will be really hard to catch up if you take it too easy in the beginning. Full month challenges May Joy Rides Join this challenge and record 250 kilometers of cycling activities in May. May Step Month Join this challenge and record 300,000 steps in May. May Rundown Join this challenge and record 50 miles of running activities in May. May Walking Join this challenge and record 30 miles of walking activities in May. May Gains Join this challenge and record a total of five hours of strength activities in May. Weekend and week challenges May Namaste Join this challenge and record a total of 60 minutes of yoga activities from May 1-7. May Weekend Walking Join this challenge and recor

Songkran Festival badges not working - Update! They are working now!

I'm getting many reports that the Songkran Festival badges are not being awarded and no reports from anyone that got them. Garmin has probably messed up in some way. I've checked the start and end date for the badges and they are correct, but those dates seems just to be used for making the badges visible in Garmin Connect: "badgeStartDate":"2021-04-13T00:00:00.0","badgeEndDate":"2021-04-15T23:59:59.0" My tip is to just continue trying for the next two days. Maybe it will work tomorrow. Update I did a test and moved my activities to year 2019 and I got the badges. Year 2020 didn't work since Songkran Festival was cancelled that year due to the pandemic. Update 2 The badges are working now!