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September 2023 - Four (actually six) badges from the Challenge Badge Badge Challenge

Join the September challenges very soon in Garmin Connect. New this month: The first badges from the Challenge Badge Badge Challenge and since one of them was the Ultimate badge we got an extra two. A total of six new badges. Two new challenges: 4 hours of swimming and 15 hours of walking. Three month challenges - Stage 3 Last month in stage 3 Full month challenges Marvel Avengers, Assemble! Join this Disney 100 Years of Wonder challenge and record 100 minutes of walking activities in September. Country: Austria, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Finland, France, United Kingdom, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, New Zealand, Poland, Sweden, Slovenia, Thailand, United States September Time to Swim Join this challenge and record 4 hours of swimming activities in September. September Time to Walk Join this challenge and record 15 hours of walking activities in September. September 15K Join this challenge and record a 15-kilometer running activity in September.

The Tournament of badges - New badges will come soon!

Update 2023-08-10 The winner is "30 for 30" and it will go live September 1. Description "Record an activity of at least 30 minutes every day for 30 consecutive days." ---- Update 2023-08-02 There has come some more info now. Check out Garmin's Instagram: There is a story where you cast your vote for which badge that will win.. Link to the Story Exactly what that means is a bit unclear. Will only one of the listed badges go live? Maybe some of the other badges will come later on... Only time will tell. ---- We will very soon see a bunch of new badges that I just found out about. No idea when they will go public. Note that these badges got no time limit. Some of them will be really really hard. Swim streak will probably be the toughest for me. In general I think that the streak badges are the hardest since you can't miss a single day and life often makes you do that. Sleep Savant Receive sleep data for 30 consecutive days. S