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August 2020 Badge Challenges

Garmin just published the titles and descriptions for the badge challenges for August so this is just a sneak peak of what is coming. August Ride to 400 Join this challenge and record 400 kilometers of cycling activities in the month of August. August Step Month Join this challenge and record 300,000 steps in August. August Weekend 10K Join this challenge and record a 10-kilometer running activity from August 7-9. August Step Week Join this challenge and record 70,000 steps from August 9-15. August Rundown Join this challenge and record 40 miles of running activities from August 16-29. August Weekend 40K Join this challenge and record a 40-kilometer cycling activity from August 28-30. 400 km of cycling might be a tough one for those that don't bike much. But it is just 13 km per day...for 31 days :-) Garmin Badge Database Garmin Connect Change country setting

Tips and Tricks - Pause and Resume later

What you see in this image is when I used a very powerful trick. It is the elevation graph and you see three distinct changes in elevation over time. What caused them? It was when I took a break in a really long and hard bike ride and the air pressure had changed when I continued. The overlay is the speed and you see that after each break my speed goes up. This way my average speed will be very high. Just take a break when the speed goes down. The trick is to take a break and stop the logging and then use the "Resume later" function. Many people use it without even thinking of it if the Auto Pause function is activated. When the speed goes down below a defined threshold the device will automatically stop and when your speed goes up the logging starts again. This can be used in way more extreme ways and here is when it goes into the somewhat gray area of cheating to get badges. It will be up to you how you define it and use this function. Do you think that running 100 miles is

Tips and Tricks - Multisport activities

Garmin has added a number of badges for recording up to 200 activities of the same type, for example walking, yoga, breathwork, treadmill and strength training. For someone like me that usually don't do so much walking since I'm a runner it is hard to log all those walking activities. I would also like to avoid logging silly two minute walks just to get those badges and don't want to flood the news feed in Garmin Connect with all those activities. The trick I'm using to log many walking activities without really doing so much walking is to use the multisport function in the watch. Not all watches support that function. I think that all Forerunners and Fenix watches got it. Check the specifications for your watch. The function is basically that you can switch activity type during an activity and Garmin Connect will hold all those activities together as a single activity. Note that Strava doesn't support multisport activities so if you sync your data to Strava