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December 2022 - 12 Days of Fitness and Finish Strong

Join the December challenges now in Garmin Connect. Swimming in December! Great if you live in the southern hemisphere. We will end the year with 12 Days of Fitness which is 10 activities of at least 20 minutes each. The toughest this month is probably to bike 200 km during the Christmas holidays. Three month challenges - Stage 4 Final month in stage 4! Soon we are done with all four stages this year. Will there be new staged challenges next year? I would prefer yearly challenges instead of these that are split into four parts. Full month challenges December Walking Join this challenge and record 30 miles of walking activities in December. December Rundown Join this challenge and record 50 miles of running activities in December. December Step Month Join this challenge and record 300,000 steps in December. December Tour Join this challenge and record 400 kilometers of cycling activities in December. December Warrior Join this challenge and record a total of four hours of yoga activitie

What happened with the Halloween badges?

It was pretty chaotic with the Halloween badges this year. What happened? Garmin had moved the start and end date for the usual Halloween badges to October 31 2022 which made them visible as available. On October 22 Garmin changed the dates for those badges back to 2021, but didn't set an end date. Not setting an end date will stop the badge from being time limited and they will still be visible as available. That doesn't mean they really are available in the Garmin backend. The start and end dates only controls the frontend (presentation in the apps and web). We don't know the settings in the backend and the dates in the backend are what really control whether the badges will be awarded or not. At the same time as Garmin moved the dates back to 2021 they made a new badge available: Halloween 2022. That is what Garmin has done with most badges for holidays and festivals this year (removed the usually yearly badges and added a new one): 3 badges for Songkran festival became