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Step-by-step guide how to install and run the Python script

Step-by-step guide how to install and run the Python script This is how to do it on a Windows 11 computer. The easy way by using Microsoft Store. The Python script is open source by its nature and can be viewed here: Installation Save the python file to your computer. Click this link and then press ctrl + s to save it. Remember which folder you save it in. To make it easy you can save it on the Desktop. Install Python Open Microsoft Store and search for Python . There will be several versions available. Select the highest number that doesn't have RC in its name. I selected Python 3.11 which was my first result. Click Install . Install dependencies This is probably the hardest step for most users. Just follow the instructions and it will be alright. You can't really do anything that breaks your computer. If you get lots of errors. Then just check what you wrote and write it correct and run it again. Click the Windows bu

Step-by-step guide how to install and run the Chrome browser extension

Step-by-step guide how to install and run the Chrome browser extension The Chrome browser extension is open source and you can find the source at Github: Note about the required permission for the extension: The extension requires the permission to read and change data since it must be able to inject scripts into the webpage. It will then run the scripts as any other script from Garmin on the web page and fetch all the data needed for the update. It couldn't be limited to just and since it needs to be able to see which website you are at and inform you that you must go to Garmin Connect.  Installation Browse to the Chrome Web Store page for the extension: Link Click the button Add to Chrome You will get an alert to confirm that you really want to add the extension to Chrome. Click Add extension Setup Next you want to make the extension visible at the top of your browser. Click the Extensions button in Chrom

Lots of new badges on the way - Dance Fitness, new Tacx challenge and more from the Challenge Badge Badge Challenge

Update 2023-10-02 Garmin servers seems to be up and the status page says all green: The badges that disappeared are now back. There are reports that data logged yesterday wasn't counted to the badges. It might help if you make an edit to the logged activities and save them again. Update 2023-10-01 Almost all badges from The Challenge Badge Badge Challenge badges have now been added. The missing ones are: Elliptical 10 and Badminton. Not sure what happened but they have been disappeared later during the day. Maybe it was caused by the server issues Garmin had. I believe the badges will come back in a day or so after the weekend. Never a good idea to do deployments on the weekends, but I guess they wanted to get new stuff out on October 1. Update 2023-09-27 Garmin has pulled back all the dance fitness badges from the descriptions file that I use as my source. My guess is that they were published accidently and shouldn't be known just yet. Dance

October 2023 - More time based challenges and lots of race badges

Join the October challenges now in Garmin Connect. New this month: More challenges that use time as requirement. Now we got swim just as last month, but also walk, ride and run. A total of 49 hours if you want to do all 4 challenges. There are lots of overlap between the challenges and badges, so it will be easier than it looks. Three month challenges - Stage 4 Last stage for 2023 starts October 1. 2023 Running - Stage 4 Join this challenge and record 300 kilometers (186.5 miles) of running activities from October 1 to December 31 2023 Walking - Stage 4 Join this challenge and record 92 miles (148 km) of walking activities from October 1 to December 31. 2023 Cycling - Stage 4 Join this challenge and record 675 kilometers (419.5 miles) of cycling activities from October 1 to December 31. Full month challenges October Tour Join this challenge and record 400 kilometers of cycling activities in October. October Warrior Join this challenge and record a total of 4 hours of yoga activities i