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May 2023 - Disney 100 Years of Wonder and cycling climb is back

  Join the May challenges now in Garmin Connect. New in this month:  Disney 100 Years of Wonder , Complete all four Disney 100 Years of Wonder challenges.  There are four challenges. Each is a month long. Months with challenges: May, July, September and November. If you complete all four you will get a fifth Disney badge. These challenges are promotions for  Disney vívofit® jr. kids devices. If you complete one of those challenges you will get 25% off on select Disney vívofit® jr. kids devices  at Three month challenges - Stage 2 Second month in Stage 2 Full month challenges Run the Star Wars Galaxy Join this Disney 100 Years of Wonder challenge and record 100 minutes of running activities in  May . Note that there are country restrictions on this badge. The list is not yet complete. Countries found so far: Austria, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Finland, France, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Norway, New Zealand, Poland, Sweden, Thailand

Garmin Badges Calendars

This weekend I developed and launched the new Garmin Badges Calendars . Calendars are generated from the badge and challenge data in the database so you can add them to your calendar application and always stay updated with what badge or challenge to do next. There are two calendars. One for current time limited badges and one for the current challenges. Default all current challenges will be fetched, but there are options to filter the badges with two parameters. userId - Only show the challenges you have joined and still need to do. Note that you must add your data to the site for it to work.  maxduration - Only fetch challenges below or equal the max duration in days. For example if you don't want the stage 1-4 challenges to be fetched you set the limit to below 90 days, if you don't want the monthly challenges and the stage 1-4 challenges then set the limit to below 28 days. Get the URLs to the calendar files and see examples for how to use the parameters in the page Garmin