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July 2020 Badge Challenges

The Badge Challenges for July are almost identical to the ones in June. I was hoping for some new stuff and not just a repetition. They switched out the 40 km biking and added two new: 4 hours of biking and 4 hours of walking (none must be done in single activity). Note that you can't join them just yet, but they will for sure be available July 1. July 1-31: Run 100 miles 3-5: Walk 3 miles in a single activity (4.83 km) 6-12: Bike 100 km (62.1 miles) in 7 days 10-12: Run 10 km in a single activity 13-26: Record 150.000 steps in 14 days 24-26: 40 km of cycling in a single activity 25-31: 4 Hours of Cycling 25-31: 4 Hours of Walking Update 2020-07-08 Garmin is slowly rolling out the badges one at a time so you will have to check the challenges page before the starting dates for each challenge to join all challenges. Update 2020-07-28 The 4 hours of cycling and walking are still not live. Maybe Garmin skip those due to the outage. There is als

20 new badges - cycling, treadmill, yoga, breathwork, walking and strength

Garmin just added twenty new badges! All are available in Garmin Connect now. I will not add all images to this post. Just the Zen Master 5 which you will be awarded with after 200 yoga activities. There are two new for indoor cycling probably due to Corona and that they now own Tacx. Bike for 4 hours and do a 50 miles ride on your trainer which is a nice addition to the previous 10 miles, 20 miles and 50 km indoor cycling badges. I also discovered that they fixed the "problem" with that you could get all those indoor cycling badges if you just did a 50 km ride. Now these badges work as they should. The big news is that they added badges for completing an activity a specific number of times.To get the last badge you have to do the activity 100-200 times. There is no time limit so no need to stress. The activity types are: Treadmill, yoga, breathwork, walking and strength training. Here is the full list: Indoor 4-Hour Ride  - Record a 4-hour indoor cycling activity. Indoor 50-

Links to original image and metadata

Links back to Garmin added for the badge image and the metadata that is used for the badge. Click the badge to open up the overlay. Image - Click the badge image to open up a new window with the original image. Metadata - Click the link View metadata to open up a new window with the metadata used for the badge. To get a valid response from the service you must be logged in to Garmin Connect . If you get this error message you are not logged in: {"message":"HTTP 403 Forbidden","error":"WebApplicationException"} If you get this message the badge isn't found: {"message":"Invalid badge id","error":"BadRequestException"} Garmin Badge Database Garmin Connect Change country setting

Limited time badges between start and end date are now marked with a green icon

Badges that got a limited time are now marked with a green clock icon if current time is between the start and end date. NOTE! A limitation is that the server time is used for the calculation. The server is using Swedish time zone which currently is Central European Summer Time (UTC+2) and in the winter it is Central European Time (UTC+1). Update 2020-06-01 If the start date is 7 days or less from the current time the clock icon will be orange. I changed the color to green for the badges that are up for grabs. Outdated badges will have the red color. Garmin Badge Database Garmin Connect Change country setting

Global Running Day 2020, June 3

The Global Running Day is held on the first Wednesday in June every year. Garmin had a badge last year and a badge is also available this year. The only requirement is that you must record a running activity on June 3. Any distance allowed. Global Running Day 2020 1 pts • Record a running activity on June 3, 2020. Garmin Badge Database Garmin Connect Change country setting