July 2020 Badge Challenges

The Badge Challenges for July are almost identical to the ones in June. I was hoping for some new stuff and not just a repetition. They switched out the 40 km biking and added two new: 4 hours of biking and 4 hours of walking (none must be done in single activity).

Note that you can't join them just yet, but they will for sure be available July 1.

1-31: Run 100 miles
3-5: Walk 3 miles in a single activity (4.83 km)
6-12: Bike 100 km (62.1 miles) in 7 days
10-12: Run 10 km in a single activity
13-26: Record 150.000 steps in 14 days
24-26: 40 km of cycling in a single activity
25-31: 4 Hours of Cycling
25-31: 4 Hours of Walking

Update 2020-07-08
Garmin is slowly rolling out the badges one at a time so you will have to check the challenges page before the starting dates for each challenge to join all challenges.

Update 2020-07-28
The 4 hours of cycling and walking are still not live. Maybe Garmin skip those due to the outage.
There is also something wrong with the 40k cycling badge. No one is getting it even if they have biked the 40 km. Maybe it is just delayed.


  1. 20K running done in July but only 10k updated in July Run 100Miles

  2. Some people experience issues with the counting of miles for the badge. Edit the activities that isn't included in the sum and see if that helps. Change the name or add 1 calorie. Note that all activities must be done with a Garmin device. No manual activities or imported activities count.

  3. Just updated my 40km cycle and FINALLY was awarded the 40k July cycling badge!


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