Garmin Run - Taipei, September 18

On Sunday September 18 there are 3 new badges:
  • Garmin Run - Taipei 6K
  • Garmin Run - Taipei 11K
  • Garmin Run - Taipei 21K
You must change country setting to Taiwan to see them.
Since the badges for "Garmin Asia Run Series 2022 – Malaysia" required that you logged the activity in Malaysia I believe that you need to run in Taiwan or even in Taipei.
We will know on Sunday.


2022-09-18 - You only need to change the country to Taiwan and run the required distances to get the badges.

Garmin Badge Database
Garmin Connect
Change country setting


  1. Hab alle 3 Abzeichen erhalten funktioniert mit Länderumstellung und normal GPS

  2. May i know why for Garmin Run - Malaysia 2022 is not same setting like Garmin Run Taipei 2022? Anything we can do to make the setting same as Taipei?

    1. No idea at all. I even did an extra test today with the Malaysian badges to see if the requirements had changed but they are still the same. Only available if you do a run in Malaysia.

    2. If i do provide you the gpx course of Garmin Run Malaysia maybe you may try do another test? How to submit file to you?

    3. It works. I used another course and added that to a FIT file and it worked. It wasn't even the right course.

    4. If you dont mind. Could you please explain the process method you did? 🙂

    5. Open the FIT file you want to use in Fit File Repair Tool. Use a GPX course file and add that as the course and replace the position data. Export the new FIT file and import it to Garmin Connect.

  3. Hi I'm interested to get the Taipei badges as well so I changed the country in my profile to Taiwan but I don't see the new badges in the list of my available badges. Is it because its already too late and the only day they were available was on Sep 18th?
    Thank you in advance for your reply.

    1. Yes. That is exactly the reason. You can still get them with activities on the 18th.

    2. Thank you very much for your reply. Good to know this for the future.


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