Treadmill Mile, 5K, 10K

Garmin also added badges for indoor running or more exact treadmill running. You will most likely have to record activities as "Treadmill running" to be awarded with them.
I haven't got any of them yet so I can't tell you all the details.

There are three different distances: 1 mile, 5 km and 10 km.
You must run each distance in a separate activity. Not as with the indoor cycling badges where you can take them all in one activity.

I've received a report from a user that running 10 km on a treadmill only awarded him with the 10k badge. It seems like you can't count the same distance for multiple badges. Sounds logical when you think about it. Maybe you can take multiple badges if you add the distances together. A good test would be to run 1 mile + 5k = 6.6 km for two badges or 16.6 km to get all three.

Update 2020-05-08:
I did the test this morning. I first ran 17,3 km and then saved the activity. I was only awarded with the 10k badge. I then started a new activity and ran 6,9 km and was only awarded with the 5k badge.
My theory was incorrect. You must run each distance separately. If I had ran 1,6 km, saved, ran 5 km, saved, and finally ran 10 km I would have got all badges but not if I run 17 km in one go.

Treadmill Mile
1 pt • Run 1 mile in a treadmill activity.

Treadmill 5K
1 pt • Run 5 kilometers in a treadmill activity.

Treadmill 10K
1 pt • Run 10 kilometers in a treadmill activity.

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