Indoor cycling 10-mile, 20-mile and 50k

For about a year ago Garmin aquired Tacx which is a well-known manufacturer of bike trainers. A bike trainer or just trainer is a device that you hook up your road bike to to do indoor cycling instead of using an exercise or spinning bike.

Now during the pandemic lots of people are biking on their trainers instead of going out on the roads so this is an ideal moment to add badges for indoor cycling. You don't have to use a trainer. You can use any indoor bike that can log distance to your watch.

There are three different distances: 10 miles, 20 miles and 50 km.
You can take all three in one go by biking the longest distance. That is at least what I did. In January I took the Speedy Century badge (100 miles biking under 5 hours which can be done indoors like I did) and I just made a minor edit to that activity and got all badges + Speed Century and 100-Mile Ride.

Update 2020-05-08:
I did a test today and used one of my old 50 km bike rides, uploaded the export to my other Garmin Connect account that I use for testing and changed the activity type to indoor cycling and got all 3 badges. So, no need to add the distances together which was another theory I had.
It isn't the same as with the treadmill running badges where you must record one activity for each distance which I also tested today with some actual running :-)

Indoor 10-Mile Ride
1 pt • Ride 10 miles in an indoor cycling activity.

Indoor 20-Mile Ride
1 pt • Ride 20 miles in an indoor cycling activity.

Indoor 50K Ride
2 pt • Ride 50 kilometers in an indoor cycling activity.

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