Updates of the python script - Automatically open the badge and/or challenge page

I got a bug report for the python script that it started to log errors so I made a quick fix of that to version 1.3.3, but realized that I have been working with a new version that takes command line arguments that has been asked for by some users. So, I finalized that new version and uploaded it to you. That is version 1.4.0.

The command line arguments are the following and you will get that information if you add the argument --help after the script.

Usage: garminbadges-updater.py [options]
Options and arguments:
   --clear           : Enter user credentials again.
   --help            : This information about options and arguments.
   --open-badges     : Open badge page after update.
   --open-challenges : Open challenge page after update.
   --version         : Print version of the script.
   --V               : Verbose/debug mode.

The useful arguments are --open-badges and --open-challenges that will open the badge and/or challenge page for the user.

The verbose/debug argument --V was supposed to do something, but will not do much right now. It might become useful in future versions, but currently it will just log some info before and after the script code.

Garmin Badge Database
Garmin Connect
Change country setting


  1. i'm using the chrome extension but it's not connecting. is this just me or is there an issue with the extension too?

    1. I tested the extension now and it works. Make sure you are looking at the Garmin Connect Web page and refreshed the page. After that click the update button.
      If it still doesn't work, then look in the console for errors.

    2. ok thanks. it might be my internet connection.

    3. BTW idea for next chrome extension version: if the user isn't on the desired page then open it in a new tab

    4. @Gavriel. That is a good idea. I will see what I can do.

  2. Bug report: This is not new, and I'm not even sure if it should be considered as a bug (strictly speaking probably it is) or a feature (shows more on-going challenges and that make you do more activities): I see that in the "Rise and Grind" I have done 1 and 6 to go. The bug IMHO is that this is not true, because of the "for 7 consecutive days" condition. So it's true I have done 1, but it was long ago, and since there was at least one day when I haven't do an activity it should've been reseted. Probably true for all the other "consecutive" badges as well.

    1. That is a problem on the Garmin side. I just fetch and display the value from Garmin and the values don't reset to 0 when you fail the streak. It often keeps the last value in the streak and the next streak you start will set the correct value.


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