Jump Rope badges are now available!

The jump rope badges are now available! There are 5 new badges.

If you don't have jump rope as an activity on your watch then just log it as cardio and after save and sync edit the activity and change it to jump rope in Garmin Connect. The activity type is found in the Gym & Fitness Equipment section.

All new models (except Instinct 2 models) got Jump Rope in a beta release: Forerunner 255/265/955/965, Venu 3, Vivoactive 5 and all models of Fenix 7. Lily 2 doesn't have a beta program so we don't know when/if it will get Jump Rope.
Either you install the beta or just wait until it goes into a production release. Note that if you install the beta you can't uninstall it. You will have to wait for the production release.

How to get Jump to It badge that requires 15,000 rep counts?

I don't know yet. If you add a Jump Rope activity there is a field for the Reps in the overview but it isn't  possible to edit that field and add your rep count. Maybe it will be possible later. I thought it would take the step count and use that, but I can't get it to work.

The new badges:

Now We’re Jumping
Record your first jump rope activity.

Jumping Bean
Record 10 jump rope activities.

Committed Jumper
Record 100 jump rope activities.

Jump to It
Get 15,000 rep counts in a single jump rope activity.

Long Jumper
Record 30 minutes of jump time in a single jump rope activity.

Garmin Badge Database
Garmin Connect
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  1. The repetition statistics are visible on strenght activity.
    And it remains visible after changing to jump rope. But I will test it (15 000 reps) in next week.

  2. The jump count should be similar to step count in the sense that it shouldn't be possible to edit. That would negate the whole point of these badges

  3. BTW is there a way to subscribe to the blog in a way that I get an email every time you post something (I mean a new blog post) I know I can subscribe to comments, when I comment, but that's not what I am looking for.

    1. The only way I can find that works right now is that I manually invite you to be a post subscriber from the admin dashboard in Blogger. You have emailed me before so I've invited you.
      If anyone else wants to be invited then please send an email to anders@garminbadges.com with an email address.

    2. I use RSS and RSS Feed Reader. It works fine and I see new post in this reader.

  4. So I did a dummy strength activity, added reps to that, then switched it to jump rope but sadly the reps didn't carry over and convert to jump rope reps. Was hoping it would and that would be a way to get reps for jump rope but never mind.

  5. According to the Garmin Beta Software Forum, the next software update to 16.xx will add the „Jump Rope“ activity. (Fenix 7, Epix, Enduro 2, Quatix 7 and MARQ Gen 2). Then the repetition counter and the speed information (rpm) will probably also work.
    I did not look at the other watches.

  6. "All new models (except Instinct 2 models)"

    I have jump rope activity on my Instinct 2S. It won't work for badge?

    1. Is it the native Jump rope activity or is it the Jump rope app from Connect IQ? The one from Connect IQ is currently not any better than logging it as Cardio and changing the type afterwards.

  7. I earned the Jump To It badge today. I have a Venu 3 (enrolled in the public beta program) and received an update that added Jump Rope to my list of activities. Noticed that a few days ago and decided to try for the badge today. It took almost all morning but I finally reached the required 15k reps! And now I need a nap LOL!!

    1. Nice! I can imagine that it will be really tough to take that badge. Great that you've verified it works with the beta software.

    2. I don't think I'll ever be able to do even 1500 in one go.

    3. e7andy - I was extremely pleased that it worked! To make sure it would work and be worth the effort, I tested it first with a very short workout to make sure it recorded and uploaded to CIQ correctly as Jump Rope and not Cardio.
      Gavriel - It took most of my morning, that's for sure! But you don't have to do it all in one go. I didn't jump continuously for nearly 3 hours LOL!! I stopped to rest and to swig from my water bottle - though I do admit my breaks were longer and more frequent near the end. The watch kept recording the entire time. My activity report in CIQ says my total time was 2:29:26 and my jump time was 1:45:03. So I figure anyone can do this.. just plan your day accordingly, take your time and don't touch you watch until you're count is over 15000 :)

    4. WOW 142 average rpm :) I may try to do that for 3 minutes with 1 minute jumping and 1 minute rest... Maybe one day I'll try to do it in 15000 seconds (4:10 hours) My technique for things that are very long is to stop the activity, then choose Resume Later. This way you can even continue it the next day, the only issue is that you can't start another activity until you don't finish this (unless you have an edge and you go for a ride)


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