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I've been using a spreadsheet to track my progress for the monthly challenges for a while now, but it requires lots of manual work so I developed a web page that automatically can track the progress from data fetched from Garmin Connect. It is fully integrated into

To use it you must use the function "Add your badges" at the site. That function will fetch all data from Garmin Connect and generate your personal page. From that page you will see a link "View challenge status" that will take you to the progress page.

Here is a direct link to my personal progess page as an example:

It is really hard to fit all that data into one page. It will look good on large computer screens. On mobiles it is best viewed in landscape mode and you might need to pinch zoom to view it.

If you already added your badges you will need to update them to get this new function. Every time you want to update the challenge progress you must add your badges again. The site do not store your login information.

This is an early version of the "challenge status" page so there might be things to fix and things that will change. I also like to have feedback and suggestions for improvement.

Garmin Badge Database
Garmin Connect
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  1. Hi Andy,
    congratulations for that; it's very helpful.
    For my challenges, I was using an excel sheet with as example for monthly step 300 000, a dayly objective of 10 000, and every day/2/3 days was updating the spreadsheet to see where Iwas.
    and same for recording number of activities to get the 25 50 100... related badges.
    Your tool is Much better, realy nice and easy to use.
    Thanks for that.

  2. That is a fantastic feature thanks so much Andy! Would it be possible to add tracking for the badges like 1/25/50/100/200 and treadmill 50/100 as these are really hard to see progress on even within Garmin.

    1. There is not service that reports the number of activities for those badges so I can't display that data.
      I'm using the goal function to keep track of my progress for those badges.

    2. That is a fantastic tip thanks! If only the goal length could be more than 1 year!

    3. If I need to let the goal continue for more than a year I create a new goal from the date I got the last badge in the series with an adjusted activity count.

  3. Thank you for this Andy. I had my own simple version on Excel but this is 10x better.

    I particularly like the predicted finish time section and the colour-coded activities. I’m guessing yellow means marginal? What’s the boundary between yellow and green/red?

    1. The yellow status is when the days ahead are less than 2 days. It will be red if days ahead are negative.
      Not started challenges are all yellow.

  4. Hi Andy I have just looked at my stats.
    I was wondering 3 things.
    What does the colour orange mean.

    August Swim week its not yet started but I already swam 1500 metres that won't count I know, but the stats look wrong I have -857.16 ?

    August Run down I am above required average but its orange not sure whey.

    1. Orange means "warning". The days ahead are less than 2 days but you are still OK.

      The calculations for not started challenges can be funny. It is the ahead value that is negative which comes from that the ahead days are negative. You shouldn't care about the values for not started challenges. I might have to handle them in a less confusing way.

      You are probably not more than 2 days ahead for the running.

    2. ah ok I will ignore the not started challenges. Its interesting you have the swim week but none of the other none month long challenges.
      As for Orange for anything <2 days now I know its fine, and makes sense giving your self 2 days to catch up if needed.

    3. I removed the challenges that were just a single activity since they didn't have any progress. I will see if I can display them in some way that are useful.

  5. Absolutely awesome. I've been doing the math as I go. This is much better! Am I missing the column for avg/day needed to complete on time? That would be a very helpful addition.

    1. The column "Remaining per day" is the same as avg/day.

    2. Sorry, not sure how I missed that. Thanks!


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