December 2020 badge challenges

The descriptions for the December badge challenges were just published. They are not available to join in Garmin Connect yet. They are usually available 2-3 days before they start.

Nice to see something else than the usual ones. Yoga is the new challenge type.

Dates in December:

4-6 December Weekend 5K, Record a 5-kilometer running activity from December 4-6

11-13 December Weekend 40K, Record a 40-kilometer cycling activity from December 11-13

20-31 12 Days of Fitness Running, Record 20 miles of running activities from December 20-31

20-31 12 Days of Fitness Cycling, Record 200 kilometers of cycling activities from December 20-31

20-31 12 Days of Fitness Walking, Record 10 miles of walking activities from December 20-31

25-31 2020 Wind Down, Record a total of 60 minutes of yoga activities from December 25-31

1-31 December Joy Rides, Record 250 kilometers of cycling activities in December

1-31 December Walking, Record 30 miles of walking activities in December

1-31 December Rundown, Record 50 miles of running activities in December

1-31 December Step Month, Record 300,000 steps in December

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  1. For cycling; 250kms in Decemeber and 200kms from 20-31. Seems a bit unbalanced, but then we might get 3 or 4 points for the latter as an encouragement.

    1. Yes. It looks a bit odd. If you do the 200 km 20-31 and 40 km 11-13 you just have to bike another 10 km to get the 250 km badge. The 250 km badge is too easy.
      My plan is to do 200 km 20-23 December. That will be a bit tough, but necessary since I will not bring my bike on our Christmas trip.

    2. I did not notice the mid month challenge. 250km cycling is a normal December for me with all the festive things that happen, but 2020 is not normal so I may have a go at it.

    3. December Joy Rides is 400km nt 250 ...

    4. Could you check that again? My challenge says: "Record 250 kilometers of cycling activities."

    5. u r right ,,maybe is a bug .... i check it throw garmin connect at my mobile , i check it from trophies and it says 400km but if the check throw the challenges it says 250 km (thats on my mobile )

  2. also open lava tri Dapeng Bay 2020 at 6th december

    1. I've written a new blog post with all badges for December. I will try to do that every month to gather all badges for a month in one place.


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