October 2020 - All dates

Many dates, challenges and badges to keep track of. Here are all the dates listed. Not all of them are confirmed yet so there can be changes and updates to this list.


1: Under a Full Moon, any activity, Philippines or Taiwan

9: Hangul day, any activity, Korea

1-31: October Rundown, running 50 miles (80.5 km)

1-31: October Step Month, 300,000 steps

1-31: October Ride to 400, cycling 400 km (248.6 miles)

25-31: Halloween Running, running 13 miles (21 km)

25-31: Halloween Cycling, cycling 5 hours

25-31: Halloween Walking, walking 13 miles (21 km)

29: Garmin Ride In 2020 – 1 Hour, indoor cycling 1 h, United Kingdom

30-Nov 1: Garmin Ride Out 2020 – 52 Miles, cycling 52 miles (83.7 km), United Kingdom

30-Nov 1: Garmin Ride Out 2020 – 22 Miles, cycling 22 miles (35.5 km), United Kingdom

31: Halloween, 5 badges, any activity, International, Korea, Japan and Taiwan and one for sharing a badge

31: Loy Krathong, any activity, Thailand 

31: WeFight 2020, half distance triathlon, Taiwan

31: WeFight 2020, olympic distance triathlon, Taiwan

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  1. Cycling Plan (based on UK settings). Do the 1 hour Ride In 2020 activity on Oct 29 =4points. Do the Ride Out activity on Oct 31st= 4points, +1 Halloween +1 share the scare, +2 Halloween Cycling if you ensure these two rides total 5 hours. So that is 12 points for two rides.

    1. I did the 1 Hour Ride In yesterday and got two bonus badges; 10 mile indoor ride and 20 mile indoor ride. 6 points is pretty good for an hour in the gym!

  2. IT looks like the add badges function has stopped working?

    1. Did you use the new page with the JSON data? You should no longer copy and paste the badge page.

    2. Sorry Andy - tried that now and it worked. My fault for not reading more fully and following previous routine.

    3. No problem. Great that it works. It is an easy mistake to make.

    4. Pardon the dumb question, but what is the "add badges" function?

    5. It is "Add your badges" and the description on that page says "Enter your badges here to be able to use them on the front page.".
      Click "Add your badges" and then follow the instruction and you will get a page where you can see your badges and what is the next badge for you to take.
      Here is my personal page: https://garminbadges.com/index.php?userId=286
      The green clock icons meens that those badges are active right now and is what I should focus on now. I got two cycling badges that I will on with today.

    6. Thanks @e7andy that make sense. Just out of interest, can those two Garmin Ride Out badges be earned in the same activity, i.e. if I ride 52 miles do I automatically get the 22 mile badge too? Guess I could just ride 52 and find out, but it's raining pretty hard all day today ...

      For what it's worth, I earned two bonus badges yesterday while doing 1 Hour Ride In; 20 Mile Indoor Ride and 10 Mile Indoor Ride. Based on this experience (I rode 33.2 km on a Wattbike) I think it should be possible to get the 52 and 22 mile badges today without having to ride 74 miles in two activities.

    7. I don't think you will get both those Ride Out badges, but I don't know yet. I will only take the 22 miles badge.
      The indoor badges are an exception. No other badges works like that.

    8. I ended up riding 87.01km (1,261m gain!) and got ... only the 52 Mile badge. So I exported the activity to GPX and trimmed it to 35.4km in Basecamp before stripping out HR data using a Terminal command - no point messing up my physiological metrics for a badge. When I uploaded the modified GPX as a new activity I got the 22 Mile badge as well. Activity ID is 5750057799 in case anyone wants to 'borrow' it ...

    9. I did activity on 31 of october with Thailand in my profile, but didn't get Loy Krathong badge. Do you have any idea why?

    10. It works for me. Both times I took it...I've already manage to lose it once.
      Make sure that you see the badge as available first. Then you know that you've changed the country correctly. Then record an activity with a Garmin device. Manual activities will not work. Some imported activities can work, but it is always best to record your activity with a Garmin device.


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