Even more badges for October!

There are a few more badges announced for October. October will probably be the busiest month this year and a lot of focus to the last week and weekend of the month. There are six badge challenges, five Halloween badges, one for Mid-Autumn festival, one for Hangul Day and now these five badges.

Garmin Ride In 2020 – 1 Hour
Record a 1-hour indoor cycling activity on October 29 in support of Action Medical Research.
Garmin Ride Out 2020 – 52 Miles
Record a 52-mile cycling activity between October 30 and November 1 in support of Action Medical Research.
Garmin Ride Out 2020 – 22 Miles
Record a 22-mile cycling activity between October 30 and November 1 in support of Action Medical Research.
WeFight 2020
Complete the 113 WeFight race in Taiwan on OCT 31, 2020
WeFight 2020
Complete the 51.5 WeFight race in Taiwan on OCT 31, 2020

Lots of cycling from October 29 to November 1.
Note the word "In" and "Out" in the badge names. The indoor cycling badge is obvious that it must be done indoors, but the other two might have the requirement to be done outdoors. The biking badges can usually all be done indoors so these two might have a different requirement.
Action Medical Research is a British organisation. Maybe this will be the first badges for UK.
I have no idea how and if we can take the WeFight badges. It is a half distance and a olympic distance triathlon.
Maybe it is as "easy" as to register a swimming, a biking and a running activity with the correct distance and with Taiwan as country on October 31.


  1. actually its both the 113 and 51.5 which would be the half and the full ironman

  2. oh wait, the 51.5 is the olympic distance (1.5 / 40 / 10 - being 51.5k in total)

  3. The description says "113 WeFight race" so it should only be that race.
    Aha, now I see what you mean. I missed the last badge which is the Olympic distance. I will add it.

  4. the WeFight badges probably require a "multisport/triathlon" activity rather than just a swimming/biking/running activity

    1. Yes, could be. You could think how a real participant in one of those races would do. He/she will probably use a multisport/triathlon activity. It would be great if someone could test it or craft a FIT file with just the correct values.
      I don't think I will be able to actually do it on the 31st.

      An idea I just got is that you actually don't have to do the real activities to test it. Just start a triathlon activity and get up on the bike and do all 3 parts on the bike. Just remember to press the lap button at the correct times. It is just 51.5 km. I will see if I can test it that day if I'm free. I got several Garmin multisport devices to use for a test.

  5. Can the ride out badges be earned in one and the same activity? So if you cycle 52 miles, do you automatically earn both badges? Or is it like the stair climbing badges, where you have to earn each badge in a separate activity?

    1. I have no information about that, but my guess is that you will most likely NOT get both badges if you cycle 52 miles. That is the normal behaviour for all other badges...but there are exceptions. I think those exceptions are faulty behaviour.


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