How to see the current count of yoga, HIIT, strength and more

There are several badges that require that you log a number of activities of a specified type (or a sub type of that type)

  • Zen Master - Type: Yoga
  • Super Strength - Type: Strength
  • Walk the Walk - Type: Walking
  • Pilates - Type: Pilates
  • HIIT - Type: HIIT
  • Deep Breathing - Type: Breathwork
  • There are also several dive badges - Type: Diving
Garmin do not show you how many of each you have logged so you can't follow your progress. You will just get the badges when you reach the required number of activites.

There are ways to keep track.

Progress Summary Report

Use the Progress Summary report: 

First you need to get the start date for the badge you want. Most of them started 2020-04-28 or 2021-06-01. Use to find the start date. Click the badge you want and check the date.
I will use HIIT 5 as the example since that is the badge I'm currently working on to get. It has been available since 2021-06-01.
  1. Go to the progress summary report:
  2. Select custom dates and select 2021-06-01 as start date. You can't write the date because the interface won't let you so you must click the calendar to select it.
  3. Finally select the activity type you want to see the count for. In this case HIIT.

My total number of logged activities of type HIIT since 2021-06-01 is 157.
Note that all logged activities of that type will be counted. Even those that will not count for the badges like manually logged or imported from 3rd party services. If you know how many those are then you must subtract those from the total count.

You can also set the start date to the day after you got one of the lower tier badges. Like HIIT 4. Click the badge in Garmin Connect and see which date you were awarded with it. I got HIIT 4 on 2022 November 24 so I can set the start date to 2022/11/25. I get 57 as the total number of activities since that date. Since HIIT 4 requires 100 activities I can then add those 100 to 57 and get the true total of 157.

Badge HIIT 5 requires 200 HIIT activities which means that I got 43 more activitites to log.


You can of course use the progress summary report to check the current state from time to time, but it is a lot quicker to use a goal.

Goals in Garmin Connect are limited to one year so you can't set it to start on 2021-06-01. What you do is that you use the count from the progress summary report and subtract it from the final goal. In this case it is 200 - 157 = 43.
  1. Go to the goals page:
  2. Click Create a new goal
  3. Set name Badge HIIT 5, activity type HIIT, Goal type Activities, Target 43, Duration 1 year, Start date Today's date.
  4. Save
Now you got a goal that will count how many more activities you have to log and it will work as long as you log them all in one year. If you don't do it in time you can just create a new goal with the new target.

If you like you can instead use the date for when you got the previous badge. I will set the start date to 2022/11/25 (the day after I got HIIT 4) and set the target to 100 which is the number of more activities I need.


Extra tip if you are using Strava.
There is a service called ActivityFix:
It can make edits to your logged activities in Strava based on rules.

I've created a rule that looks like this:
Activities logged as HIIT in Garmin will be of type Workout in Strava (together with some other types). I've got another really short workout that are shorter than 7 minutes that I don't want to rename to HIIT. Note that everything of type "Workout" and are longer than 7 minutes will be renamed to HIIT with this rule. Check in Strava how you can setup your rule.

And the counter:
Current value is set to the value from the progress summary report.

It will look like this in Strava when I log HIIT activities in Garmin that is synced to Strava:

With these tools you can easily track your progress for all those badges.

Garmin Badge Database
Garmin Connect
Change country setting


  1. The goal method is how i am tracking the Brweathwork & Yoga badges. I am currently heading to the 100 activities of each badge.


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