Garminbadges Updater Chrome Browser Extension

Today I got the Chrome Browser Extension approved and published in the Chrome Web Store.
I've been using it myself for a while and it is working very good.

Link to the extension

Its only purpose is to get the badge and challenge data from Garmin Connect and upload it to Garmin Badge Database.

  1. Install the extension from Chrome Web Store.
  2. Enter username and email address for your account in the extension options.
  3. Browse to Garmin Connect ( and login.
  4. Click the extension to display the Update button.
  5. Click the Update button and wait until you get the message that the update is finished.

There are a number of pros with this solution:

  • You no longer need to enter your Garmin Connect credentials in my site.
  • It will work with 2FA (two factor authentication).
  • It removes the need for my server to do all fetching. Garmin will rate limit my server if many users update their data in the same time period. Now the fetching of data will be distributed to each user.


  • 2022-02-01 - I fixed an issue with automatically opening of the options page if username and email haven't been entered. Version 1.2 is in review at Google.
  • 2022-02-02 - Version 1.2 is public and fixed the issue with opening of options.
  • 2022-02-15 - Version 1.3 is public. Three new options added: Open main page, open challenge page and enable/disable success popup.


  1. leapndollacahbkeedifbljmamdfljna is blockedThis page has been blocked by Chrome

    that the text i see after 4 step Click the extension to display the Update button.

    1. I've seen that. I hoped it was just my computer, but it seems to be a general issue.
      It should work to just refresh the page or right click the extension and click Options.
      The idea is that you should end up in the options page if you haven't entered username and email but it isn't working as expected.
      The documentation says that is should work the way I've implemented it:
      It is odd that it works if you refresh the page.

    2. I changed the code for how the options page is opened and now it works a lot better. I've sent an update to Google for review.

    3. Congratulations for the new extension, how about including an option to open the badges and challenges pages in the background once the update is finished?

    4. @Lorenzo. Great suggestion. I'm adding it now and it will be available in the next update.
      It will per default open the web page and it can be switched off in the options.

    5. Thanks, great job. You deserve a best developer badge :-)

  2. Have you seen... New levels added in garmin connect, at least up to level 7

  3. Finally, levels higher than 5. Nice work Garmin.

  4. Do you know how many points you need for new levels?

    1. Level - Points
      1 - 0
      2 - 20
      3 - 60
      4 - 140
      5 - 300
      6 - 620
      7 - 1260
      8 - 2540
      9 - 5100
      10 - 10220

  5. Can you add a checkbox on the Challenge Status page that would change the units from km to miles? This would really help those of us that are more accustomed to measuring distances in miles.

    1. Done! The setting is not stored so you need to click the checkbox everytime you go to the page. An idea is that you store a bookmark to the page with the useStatute=on as a parameter.
      I will try to store the setting in a cookie.

      Note that there will be some rounding errors. The data is originally in metric units and calculated and rounded to miles and feet.

    2. I've now saved the setting as a browser cookie. As long as you use the same browser and not clear your cookies it will remember the setting.

    3. Awesome, thank you!! I typically get to the page via the Chrome browser plug-in.


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