April 2021 badges - Stage 2 challenges, cycling climb and swim challenge

Garmin just pushed the descriptions and images for April challenges. Join them all in Garmin Connect now.

There is something new this month: Cycling climb. That means that we need to do some biking outdoors. 20000 feet/6096 meter. That is a lot and needs some planning.

Three month challenges - Stage 2

2021 Walking - Stage 2
Join this challenge and record 91 miles (146.5 km) of walking activities from April 1 to June 30.

2021 Cycling - Stage 2
Join this challenge and record 505 miles (812.8 km) of cycling activities from April 1 to June 30.

2021 Running - Stage 2
Join this challenge and record 505 kilometers (313.8 miles) of running activities from April 1 to June 30.

Full month challenges

April Cycling Climb
Join this challenge and climb 20,000 feet in elevation during cycling activities in April.
April Step Month
Join this challenge and record 300,000 steps in April.
April Rundown
Join this challenge and record 50 miles of running activities in April.

Week or Weekend challenges

April Namaste
Join this challenge and record a total of 60 minutes of yoga activities from April 1-7.
Step Into April
Join this challenge and record 115,000 steps from April 1-14.
April Weekend 5K
Join this challenge and record a 5-kilometer running activity from April 9-11.
April Swim Week
Join this challenge and record 1,000 meters of swimming activities from April 11-17.
April Ride to 100
Join this challenge and record 100 kilometers of cycling activities from April 18-24.
April Weekend Walking
Join this challenge and record a 3-mile walking activity from April 23-25.

Other badges in April

  • Songkran Festival April 13 to 15 - Three badges. Do an activity for each badge. Country: Thailand
  • Golden Week April 29 to May 5 - Three badges but only one in April. Do an activity April 29-30 to get it. The other two are in May. Country: Japan. Note that the description from Garmin got the wrong year so we will most likely see an update to that.


  • 2021-04-08 - The last three challenges can now be joined.

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  1. After last month's rather boring cycling challenges (I only use my Garmin watch for MTB and Hiking) it is good to see something new for cycling. I live in a hilly aea and average about 1750 feet per ride, so weather permitting it is just about doable.

  2. Are the Songkran and Golden Week badges specific to 2021, ie can those of us who already have them get them again ?

    1. They are the old badges and they are not repeatable so if you already have them you can't get them again.

  3. Looks like April Swim Week is not published by Garmin. Others I can see on my profile.

    1. Same with ride to 100. As these are later in the month, they will not appear until nearer the time, this is normal.

  4. Hey andi,
    first i am a big fan of your work :).
    I've a question:
    Do you know if there are any issues with the cycling quartal challange?
    In my account it stopped counting somewehere at 770 km. I edit the newer activities but that doesn't change anything.
    So I left the challange an re accepted it, now 0.0 km are displayed.

    1. Thank you!
      I'm not aware of any issues. What can affect the challenge is how you log your rides. Zwift, Rouvy and other 3rd party applications do not count, neither do manual entries. All rides must be logged with a Garmin device.

    2. Thank you for your fast reply.
      My activities are all recorded with my Garmin watch and strangely count to the other badges.

    3. Ok. That is good.
      One other thing I've noted is that the calculation of the distance is usually done on each new activity. Edits should work, but my experience is that it isn't the same for challenges.

  5. Love your work man - much appreciated!! :D

  6. I love the idea of a cycling climbing challenge using something as inaccurate as a Garmin to record it ;o)
    I have 2x 500's (recently broke screen on one, picked up a replacement very cheap on eBay) and a 810, all read wildly different on height gained/lost, despite both types boasting barometric altitude measurement rather than GPS as on some other Garmins.
    Even with an elevation point set-up for in my driveway rather than using GPS for the start altitude, starting out with the device warm (ie from inside your house) and it cools down as you use it outside it records an altitude loss from door-to-door. If you stop it (or pause it and it turns itself off) at a cafe stop then it records a huge altitude discrepancy when it restarts.
    I'm using a speed sensor rather than GPS in order to get some accuracy (and consistency between rides over same commute...) for distance, but for altitude the best option must be enable altitude corrections in Connect or Strava or whatever - though this isn't accurate either as it incorporates map-point inaccuracies
    Oh well.

    1. Hello,
      FYI, I've just tried doing a hilly virtual ride with my edge 530, and it does count towards the April Cycling Climb challenge.

  7. I find my Garmin Instinct is generally pretty accurate on my MTB rides but I will definitely toggle the disabled/auto altitude corrections post ride to get the highest value, even though they are usually fairly close. Every foot counts.

  8. Not getting the Thai Songkran badges for some reason. I’m set to Thailand, it’s April 13th, I’ve just done an hour indoor bike and an hour pool swim.

    What am I missing?

    1. I’m in Japan btw so it is April 13th here haha, even though the comment shows the 12th

    2. That should work, but I haven't tested it yet. Still got two of them left to grab.
      Do you see them as available?

    3. I do see them as available but also not getting them

    4. I have just tested with a Hike around the house, no badge given ! I am in the UK, my account is set to Thailand, I can see them as available, but nothing given.

    5. I didn't get the Songkran Festival Badge either. I recorded an activity in the morning. I see the badges but I didn't get one. App is set to Thailand and I am in Austria.

  9. i've set the region for Thailand but the Super Soaker, Get Soaked, Make a Splash badges are not appearing today. anyone else having similar problems?

    1. I am set to Thailand and can see all 3 badges, but sometimes when I switch countries it can take awhile for Connect to update. I am looking to do one activity today and two tomorrow.

    2. i switched to Thailand 2 weeks ago and have also seen the badges for a while. i'm gonna keep trying for the next couple of days

  10. There is another one available new badge "International worker's day" for 1st May

    1. Thanks. I just saw it in an other badge forum and updated the dates for it just now. It was launched last year and isn't repeatable.

  11. May should be up soon... https://www.garmin.com/en-US/blog/fitness/may-monthly-garmin-connect-badge-challenges/

    1. Thanks. Looks like Garmin is trying to be faster than me for once. The texts and images haven't been published yet.


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