New functions - Top Lists, view users with badge, earned date and more


I've added a couple of new functions to the site. A new link is added to the badge overlay to view all users that got that badge. There is also a new page with Top Lists of badges and users: Top Lists page

Note that the headers of the tables are clickable and will sort the content in that column.

Badges without country requirement

In the country select you can now remove all badges that got a country requirement.
Select the last item: [No country requirement].

Earned date

The earned date for all badges are now stored in the database. You must add your badges again to add the earned dates. For repeatable badges the last earned date is stored since the first earned date doesn't exist in the data used. You will currently only see the earned date in the badge list "Users with badge".

Users per badge

Lists all badges and the number of users that got each badge. Click the badge name and you will see a list of all users.

Users with badge

View all users that got a specific badge and which date they earned it.

Badge Count

List the badge count for all users.

Badge Points

List the total points for all users.


  1. Kudos for everyone who earned all month-badges 2020! (50 badges, 89 points)
    Feel free to join this Garmin Connect group:

    Thank you @e7andy very much for this blog: I have been and will be looking forward to each month's badge challenges.

  2. A request, would it be possible to add a search field in the database for repeatable badges ?

    1. If you look at your earned badges the repeatables are listed at the top. The repeatables in the available badges are a bit harder to find.
      I will have to see how additional filters can be added.

  3. Hey, could you write something about the Challenge-Champion badge? Was it limited? I dont receive it anymore since 03.11.2020.

    1. It is still unclear how it works. Garmin added a limit of 100 to the badge name in November, but removed that text in December. I've tested that I can get more than 100 of those badges. In the data for the badge there is this value: "badgeLimitCount":1500.
      It seems like the limit is 1500...
      How many do you have?

    2. my badge limit count shows 250 today, so with my 222 i’m almost there

    3. Thanks for the update. I also see 250 now.


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