Super Strength, Zen Master, Walk the Walk

Garmin has released a number of badges related to the Corona pandemic and the limited training that a lot of people can do during quarantine.

Three of them are simple ones more for beginners and it is a good start for your training if you haven't been training before.

5 strength activities will give you the badge Super Strength.

5 yoga activities will give you the badge Zen Master.

5 walking activities will give you the badge Walk the Walk.

There seems to be some issues with the Zen Master badge. Multiple users have reported that they haven't been awarded with the badge even after doing more than 5 yoga activities.

Super Strength
1 pt
Record 5 strength training activities.

Zen Master
1 pt
Record 5 yoga activities.

Walk the Walk
1 pt
Record 5 walking activities.

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