Deep Breathing

Here is one of those more odd badges. By doing a breathwork activity you will get the Deep Breathing badge.

Here is how breathwork is described by Wikipedia:
"Breathwork is a New Age term for various breathing practices in which the conscious control of breathing is said to influence a person's mental, emotional or physical state, with a claimed therapeutic effect. Breathwork has no proven positive health impact other than promoting relaxation and can cause distress."

In yoga and meditation breathing is often in focus and there are many breathing exercises you can find by googling breathwork meditation, yoga breathing exercises or meditation breathing exercises.

There has popped up a number of videos during the Corona pandemic with breathing exercises. That might also be an idea to test and record it as breathwork.

Deep Breathing
1 pt • Record 1 breathwork activity.

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  1. I tried doing a simple yoga exercise and then turned it from Connect into a breathing exercise. I did it 5 times but no badge was issued. My device is a Fr 935. Does it take a special device that detects other parameters? In my case it only detected the "average fc"

    1. If it is saved as Breathwork it will work. Did you get the breathwork badge for your first breathwork activity?
      If not, then share a link to the activity.

  2. I attach screens of the 5 activities.
    There are things I am learning now. I am not very practical. Not surprisingly, I'm trying to get a badge from 4 years ago.

    1. They should be ok as long as they are logged with your Garmin watch.
      Did you get the first breathwork badge? That it is the important one. It shows that it is working.

    2. Can you post a link to an activity instead of a screenshot? Or send it by email to me:

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you. I checked your badges and you already got all the badges for deep breathing. You can only get them once.


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