Some last site updates in 2023


The badges calendar now supports the userId parameter (just like the challenges calendar). If you add that parameter it will only show the badges you can take. Note that the repeatable badges will always show.
Example calendar URL to show my badges (my userId is 286):

Badge count for repeatable badges

If you view a badge and click the link "[View users with badge]" you will get to page with all users that got that badge. The count for each user is now added as a new column.

Estimated finish date for Expeditions

In the latest update for the Chrome Extension and Python Script the join date for the expeditions are fetched from Garmin. That makes it possible to calculate a finish date for the expeditions. It will use your current progress and time from the join date and from that extrapolate the finish date. You can also see your join date which is displayed as "Start Date".
The expeditions are found in the challenges page. You will get your own challenges page if you upload your data.

I'm on my last hike expedition,"Appalachian Trail", and today they estimate is that I will finish it in 203 days! Here is my challenges page:

Garmin Badge Database
Garmin Connect
Change country setting


  1. Can I ask how some users have won certain badges 250 times when its a certain day badge that has only been available for 3 years? E.g. the Most Impressive darth vader badge is only available on 4th May and has been available only since 2019, yet some people already have it the max 250 times. Just curious how they managed it

    1. Just want clarify I'm not trying to be accusatory or anything just genuinely curious

    2. C est questionnant en effet, mais aucune idée sur la facon dont c est possible

    3. Тези значка, за която се чудиш, може да бъде спечелена повече от един път за деня. Колкото дейности запишеш на тази дата, толкова пъти ще спечелиш значката

    4. oh! that is good to know. thank you Mishonsa

  2. Can you explain what filtering the userId does in the calendar? For example does it take my current country in account? Does it know what watches I own? Etc...

    1. For challenges it will show only the challenges you have joined.
      For badges it will remove all badges that you already got except for the repeatable that you can take again.
      It will not filter for country or watches. Maybe that can be features for the future.

  3. Andy, I added the calendars to my son's google calendar and his first question was if it exists in Hebrew. And then I checked and I suppose the data is available in all the languages that is supported by Garmin, because when I change the system settings of my phone to Hebrew then indeed all the badges have their name in Hebrew. Is that data available to you? Can you add another parameter for the language?

    1. The site got no language support today so it will require a lot of work to implement that. I'm currently planning the new site and will try to add language support.


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