November 2022 - Marathon Sprint and Cycling Climb


Garmin just pushed the descriptions for November challenges. Join them now in Garmin Connect.

New in this month: Marathon Sprint. We had that badge in November 2021. Not very hard since it is the accumulated distance and if you are doing the Rundown you will get this one automatically.

Garmin removed the yearly Thanksgiving bages and added a new badge called Thanksgiving 2022 like they have done with all the other festival/holiday badges this year.

Three month challenges - Stage 4

Second month in Stage 4

Full month challenges

November Gains
Join this challenge and record a total of four hours of strength activities in November.

Active November
Join this challenge and record 20 activities of at least 20 minutes each in November.

November Tour
Join this challenge and record 400 kilometers of cycling activities in November.

November Rundown
Join this challenge and record 50 miles of running activities in November.

November Cycling Climb
Join this challenge and climb 10,000 feet in elevation during cycling activities in November.

November Step Month
Join this challenge and record 300,000 steps in November.

Weekend and week challenges

November Namaste
Join this challenge and record a total of 60 minutes of yoga activities from November 1-7.

Step Into November
Join this challenge and record 100,000 steps from November 1-14.

November Marathon Sprint
Join this challenge and record 26.2 miles of running activities from November 1-21.

November Weekend 10K
Join this challenge and record a 10-kilometer running activity from November 11-13.

November Ride to 100
Join this challenge and record 100 kilometers of cycling activities from November 20-26.

November Weekend Walking
Join this challenge and record a 3-mile walking activity from November 25-27.

Badges in November

  • Nov 8 - Loy Krathong 2022, Record an activity on Loy Krathong, November 8, 2022, Country: Thailand
  • Nov 24 - Thanksgiving 2022Record an activity on Thanksgiving, November 24, 2022, Country: Hong Kong, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, United States

Updates to

  • Added progress bars to the challenge page.

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  1. Hi Andy, it looks like Garmin has also replaced the old Loy Krathong badges with a new “Loy Krathong 2022” badges.

    1. Yes. It seems to be what Garmin does this year. They replace all festival and holiday badges with a single one for 2022. They failed for Halloween and created a chaos for all users. Loy Krathong is still OK.

  2. Thanksgiving has appeared as available, my country is currently set to Thailand.

    1. Thanks. Added it now. It also works with United States, but not with Sweden. I assume that it works with the same countries as the old Thanksgiving badges.

  3. Hi Andy (and others),
    I need your advise how should I proceed with the following issue:

    I didn't receive the "November Marathon Sprint" which descriptions says: "Join this challenge and record 26.2 miles of running activities from November 1-21."

    26.2 miles being 42.2 km

    My situation:
    - I collected 39 km of running till 15th of Nov
    - Then I ran 7 km on 18th of Nov, which should make the sum of run 46 km (28.6 mi). But this last run never counted towards this Challenge KMs, although it was clearly over the minimal limit of km/mi and also within the expected dates.

    Other details:
    - I did assign to that badge challenge at the beginning of the month
    - the last exercise was correctly recorded as Run and was not manipulated except changing the name
    - I still see the Challenge in my watch as 94% completed
    - I thought the counter will refresh at the end of 21st (which was yesterday) and will consider that last run and change to 100% completed but nothing happened.

    I clearly met the conditions so please advise how I can still get that badge.
    Thank you

    1. Only way to fix it afterwards is to contact Garmin Support and hope that they will help you.
      Badges are always awarded right away so don't wait if you don't get it. Try to fix it right away.
      Hard to say anything about why the last run didn't count without seeing the activity. Did you do anything differently compared to the other runs?

    2. Hi Andy,
      thank you very much for your quick reply.
      No I don't recall anything being different in that last run compared to my previous runs.

      As you said I expected to get that badge right away after I finished that run (that's how it use to work previously).

      What I see as a weird thing is the text "Collecting results" on that Challenge. I use to see this type of text only on group challenges where the system is using some buffer time to consider all time-zones or pairing of watches of all users... but not on Predefined Monthly Garmin Challenges like this "November Marathon Sprint".
      Maybe it just need another day to finish that "collecting/gathering". I will give it another day to observe it and let you know.

      Sharing screenshots from my app and web account

    3. Ok, so the update is that the challenge disappeared from my list and I didn't get that badge.
      But now I think I know what is the reason. There was one different 7km run I did at the beginning of the month which I accidently deleted on my watch once I finished. Later that day I added this distance as manual entry via browser account. I think Garmin didn't count these "manual" 7 km when "collecting results" for the challenge on the end date, although during the month I clearly saw them being part of the summarizing amount showed on this Challenge. Strange.
      Sure I understand that Garmin don't want people to get badges by manually entering run distances but I don't understand why it first include these distances into summarized figure of a challenge and then denies them on the challenge end date.

    4. Manually entered data doesn't count. Next time you should instead log a 1 second activity with your watch and sync it. Then edit the data to match what you really did. That will count.


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