June 2021 badges - Last month in stage 2, bike climb and swim week is back!


Garmin is very early with the challenges for the next month. We just started with the May ones and already we got the ones for June. Join most of them in Garmin Connect now! The last two will be available closer to their start dates.

No new type of badges this month. Instead we see both the same tough cycling climb with 20000 feet and the 1000 meter swim. Hopefully many more people can swim outside in June when it is warmer in the water.

Three month challenges - Stage 2

June is the last month in stage 2
Just keep it up and continue pushing.

Full month challenges

June Joy Rides
Join this challenge and record 250 kilometers of cycling activities in June.
June 15K
Join this challenge and record a 15-kilometer running activity in June.
June Cycling Climb
Join this challenge and climb 20,000 feet in elevation during cycling activities in June.
June Step Month
Join this challenge and record 300,000 steps in June.
June Rundown
Join this challenge and record 50 miles of running activities in June.

Weekend and week challenges

Step Into June
Join this challenge and record 100,000 steps from June 1-14.
June Weekend Walking
Join this challenge and record a 3-mile walking activity from June 4-6.
June Weekend 5K
Join this challenge and record a 5-kilometer running activity from June 11-13.
June Swim Week
Join this challenge and record 1,000 meters of swimming activities from June 13-19.
June Weekend 40K
Join this challenge and record a 40-kilometer cycling activity from June 18-20.
June Wind Down
Join this challenge and record a total of 60 minutes of yoga activities from June 24-30.

Other badges in June

  • Global Running Day 2021 June 2 - Record a running activity on June 2, 2021.
  • Garmin PH Virtual 30 2021 - Run the Garmin PH Virtual Run 30 from June 2 to July 11, 2021. Run 30 km during the time period. Country: Philippines
  • Garmin PH Virtual 60 2021 - Run the Garmin PH Virtual Run 60 from June 2 to July 11, 2021. Run 60 km during the time period. Country: Philippines
  • Garmin Unboad Gravel June 4 and 5 - Five badges. One for each distance https://www.unboundgravel.com
    • Ride the Unbound Gravel 50 race in Emporia, Kansas, on June 4, 2021.
    • Ride the Unbound Gravel 25 race in Emporia, Kansas, on June 4, 2021.
    • Ride the Garmin Unbound Gravel XL race in Emporia, Kansas, on June 4, 2021.
    • Ride the Unbound Gravel 200 race in Emporia, Kansas, on June 5, 2021.
    • Ride the Unbound Gravel 100 race in Emporia, Kansas, on June 5, 2021.
  • Dragon Boat Festival June 14 - Three badges. Record a rowing activity, record a non-rowing activity and record any activity with at least 300 kcal burn. Country: India, Taiwan, Indonesia, Philippines.

Standard badges

  • Five badges for Pilates activities: Pilates 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 - Record one Pilates activity, 25, 50, 100 and 200 activities.
  • Five badges for HIIT activities: HIIT 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 - Record one HIIT activity, 25, 50, 100 and 200 activities.

Web site updates

  • Added a rank column to lists "Badge Count" and "Badge Points" to show the ranking of the user in that list.
  • Sorting of badges adjusted. In available badges the ones with the closest end date are sorted first. In earned badges they are sorted by earned date except for the repeatable ones that are sorted by closest end date.
  • The clock icon for the earned repeatable badges are now activated so you can see if you still got time to do a repeat on a badge. 


  • 2021-06-04 - The Garmin PH Virtual 30 and 60 badges are cumulative. You don't have to do the full distance in a single run. All runs during the time period counts.

Garmin Badge Database
Garmin Connect
Change country setting


  1. June badges are here very early. Thank you for info.
    This Unbound Gravel badges are location related, or just change country tp USA is enought.

    FYI. I just switch to Philipines country in my Garmin profile, and I can see Dragon Boat Festival bagge as available in Connect.

    1. How it works with Unbound Gravel badges is unknown, but if it works like previous race badges you must be at the location with at least some location points, maybe just the start end end points.

      Thanks! I've added Philippines to the Dragon boat badges.

  2. Great to see the swimming badge there. I hope many many people take it and show Garmin that we want more swimming badges. And harder - 1000m is a 20-30 minute swim for most people.

  3. i already have the three "Dragon Boat Festival" badges from last year. Is it possible to get them again this year or are they a one-time only deal?

    1. They are not repeatable so you can't get them again.

  4. Generally happy with that. A bit more variety and some extra ones to aim for. I’d also like to see a monthly one for “intensity minutes”, 2500 for example, as well as steps. ‘Step into June’ seems a bit pointless when there’s already ‘June Step Month’.

    1. With the steps, running and cycling challenges I think they are just catering for the more casual user as well as the more active so that more people have something to aim for. Good idea on the Intensity minutes.

    2. But what is the best channel to push some ideas to Garmin?

    3. Start with https://www.garmin.com/forms/ideas/ and https://support.garmin.com

    4. Thank you. I did not know about the ideas page.

  5. I measure my swims in yards (25 yard pool) rather than meters. Will I still earn the June swim week badge if I swim the equivalent distance?

    1. Yes. It shouldn't be any problem. I haven't heard about any issues with that during the previous two swim challenges.

    2. There is also a badge for completing a swim in yards and another in metres on the same day.

    3. It doesn't have to be on the same day. Just log one of each any day.

  6. Disappointed that the cycling climb challenge is now only 2points (4 pts in April made it feel like I have done something extra special). But, looking at my May stats I did over 20,000 feet without needing to focus on it (which I did do in April), so if I get the miles in (300 where I live) in a month, the climbing badge will follow.

  7. So, as the date is approaching - does anyone have found a guide on how to get Garmin Unboad Gravel badge?

    1. These are ordinary badges so you can take them afterwards so no need to solve everything now. If you like to take the badges then just do the gravel rides for all the distances on the correct dates. The badges are related so you need to do one ride for each badge.
      The method is to find the route in a file, add your data, set a Garmin device as creator and convert it to FIT if it isn't already a FIT file.

    2. Hey,
      Has someone managed to get these badges via a home-trainer after loading the route?
      I also tried to "fake it" with this method: https://garmin-badges.blogspot.com/2020/11/how-to-get-geo-located-badge-single.html without luck as well.... :-(

  8. Hello. Dragon Boat Festival badges (as well as International Workers’ Day and bizarrely, Thanksgiving) are all available here in Singapore.

    I have a 10k per day manual step target and changing countries randomly increases a few days’ target. Hence I lost a 53 day streak. It’s strange (not to say annoying) as target and time zone should be completely independent. I’ve tried changing back and forth a couple of times to see what happens and every time some days change. Garmin Support have no solution.

    1. That is odd since you don't change the time zone, but it sounds like the country setting affects the time zone.
      But it might be somewhat logical. The system might wonder why you want to use timezone for another country than the one your are located in and just change it in the backend somewhere.

    2. This looks like really bug in garmin. If you have fixed 10k goal, no any settings should change it. 10k is always 10k.
      I have the same goal, but I dont want to try it. I have 136 day streak now. :)
      But when I changed country in the past, I did not noticed anything strange or unexpected.

  9. Replies
    1. Thank you! I will make a post about them very soon.


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