March 2021 badges - Enduro is a challenge badge in March!

All challenges published together with the images. Join them now in Garmin Connect. 

The Enduro badge is finally here. It is changed to a challenge badge and it will just be for March. Crazy short time to prepare for such a feat.
Garmin has made some changes to the acces of data and I haven't fixed everything yet so everything will take a bit longer to get it up and running, but you can already now view all images and texts for the new challenges at

Full month challenges

Join this challenge and record 80 hours of running activities in March.
March Step Month
Join this challenge and record 300,000 steps in March.
March Rundown
Join this challenge and record 50 miles of running activities in March.
March Joy Rides
Join this challenge and record 250 kilometers of cycling activities in March.
March 15K
Join this challenge and record a 15-kilometer running activity in March.

Weekend challenges

March Weekend 5K
Join this challenge and record a 5-kilometer running activity from March 5-7.
March Weekend Walking
Join this challenge and record a 3-mile walking activity from March 12-14.
March Awakening
Join this challenge and record a total of 30 minutes of yoga activities from March 19-21.
March Weekend 40K
Join this challenge and record a 40-kilometer cycling activity from March 19-21.

Other badges in March

  • March 1st - Korea's Independence Movement Day Run - Country setting: "Korea, Republic of". It got the type "Running" so it is most likely a running badge.
  • Garmin has added the title and text for the "Garmin Run 2021", "Attend the Garmin Run 2021 and record 6K on March 7, 2021", but that race has been cancelled/postponed due to Covid-19. Link to Source.

Other info

  • Garmin has made some changes to the access rights for several different files I'm using for the site so currently you can't see the metadata for badges and you can't update you earned/awarded badges. I'm working on a solution that hopefully works and will be released soon.
  • Due to the access change I can't see all the updates as fast as before and the updates will be slower for a while. The new solution I'm working on will hopefully be even better than before the change and make the updates even faster.


  • 2021-02-26 - Korea's Independence Movement Day Run is back and available in Garmin Connect.
  • 2021-02-26 - The function "Add your badges" is up and running again. It is changed and will use your Garmin Connect to fetch the data. I will not store the login so you will need to write it on every update.

Garmin Badge Database
Garmin Connect
Change country setting


  1. I love big challenges but 80 hours running in 31 days with no notice...

    They should change it to '80 hours of activities'. Much more achievable if yoga, swimming, cycling, strength, walking, breathwork etc would all count. 80 hours running in 31 days means more than 2.5 hours a day, consecutively, with no recovery. Jesus.

    Any word on 'Garmin Run 2021'? Some suggestions it's a badge for March 7th.

    Thanks again for laying out the badges out like this.

    1. It would be better to postpone the Enduro badge until closer to the summer, but I'm planning for it now. It isn't available in Garmin Connect yet.

      Nothing new on Garmin Run 2021. I don't think it will be available.

    2. I agree, 80 hours of activities makes much more sense.

    3. As I said before, the Enduro badge is IMHO a health risk.
      And I think it only exists because they have now released the new Garmin Enduro, which is aimed at extreme athletes, don't you think?

      And let's face it, it's unfortunately far too easy to fake: I just run my watch for 12 hours every day and classify this activity (which would mainly consist of sitting and walking) as running. Voila, I'm done in 7.5 days and have the badge. Not fair? Indeed! But unfortunately it can't be ruled out...

    4. All badges are easy to fake and I believe many do that. It is sad to see. They are only fooling themselves and it can't feel any good.

    5. Will hiking and Trail run count for the Enduro badge?

    6. Hiking will not work since it isn't a running type, but trail run, treadmill, track running and all other subtypes under Running will work.

  2. I love the spring color scheme ;-)

  3. Same cycling challeges as February, Garmin really have no imagination (aka are just lazy and do not care) do they ? I was hoping they would at least break it up with a weekly instead of weekend challenge or better still offer something different like 10,000 (or 15,000) feet of climbing on cycling rides in a month.

    1. Hmm, I suggest a cycling climbing badge and there is one for April ! 20,000 feet is a lot though on a MTB.

    2. and a weekly cycling challenge in April as well !

    3. I will start to work on a blog post right away. Thanks for the heads up.

  4. Hopefully the Enduro badge does finally come.
    I don't think they should postpone it until summer, as in some places it would be way to warm and in the other hemisphere it'd be winter. Spring is the perfect time as the northern hemisphere is starting to warm and the southern is starting to cool to fall.
    The Koreas independence badge is also back again and available in connect

  5. 4 pts for the Enduro badge and 4 pts for a 15km run ?? Garmin are very random when it comes to badge oint vslues.

    1. I know - Enduro should be at lot more than 4.

    2. They should have it a 12 points or at least an 8.

  6. Today’s Korea badge is for a 3.1km run.

    1. I wasn't able to obtain it with my run from an hour ago. Location was set to: Korea, Republic of

    2. First check that you see the badge as available on the list of badges. If you don't see it you need to fix that first. Check the country setting again. It sometimes fails.

    3. I saw it this morning when I changed my location. In the afternoon it disappeared.

      I logged-out and retried the procedure and now it's there :-)

    4. Great! It sometimes need some tricks to work.

  7. Hi Andy. First of all thanks for your outstanding work.Since Garmin has changed the access/login datas, the "add badges function" does not work any more.Could you help me? Any Ideas?
    Michael Simlinger

    1. Hi! I just tested the "add badges function" and it works. I updated it a couple of days ago to require you to login with your Garmin Connect login for the service to be able to fetch the earned badge data.
      What error message do you get?

    2. Failed!
      The following errors occured:

      Authentication failed. Please check your Garmin Connect login credentials and try again.
      Badge data text cannot be empty. Check your inputs.

      I checked all the inputs, but still it does not work!!???

    3. Authentication failed means that you used the wrong username or password. If the login is incorrect the badge data text will be empty.
      Logout from Garmin Connect and login again. Then use the exact same username and password at my site.

  8. Hi, I don't know if this issue has been solved before. What is the time delay for uploading activity to garmin connect for a challenge that has already ended in order to receive a badge? I didn't sync my data not on Sunday, when the challenge ended, but until a few day after that, and I didn't receive a badge.

    1. I'm not aware of any tests but for the ordinary challenges you must sync before noon the day after the last day in the challenge.

  9. Is anyone on course for the Enduro badge?

    It’ll be the first challenge of the year I don’t complete. Just need 58km more cycling and I’m done for March

    1. I've seen a few reports of completed Enduro challenges. I'm out running now. 129 km since Friday 21:00. Will try to run at least 100 km more today and at least 60 km on Monday. My goal was 340 km in 3 days, but I'm not sure if I can make it. It is going slow.

  10. e7andy, that's an epic way to do it! Best wishes for your recovery!
    mussel, my approach has required a stupid amount of time but no extreme pain. My 56-year old joints can only take so much pounding. So only one 4 km threshold run this month, otherwise just 6:00-7:00/km pace in doubles and triples every day. Began by taking the last two days of February off and ran a marathon distance the first day of March. Have since pushed to exceed the 2.6 hours/day average (80/31) each day, largely on trails, track, astroturf, and other soft ground. So far only 675 km for 72.8 Enduro badge hours because I have been running so slow. I want to complete the 80 hours before flying from Boston to Stockholm on Sunday night. Next month I'd like to attempt the the Insanity badge (mostly around a track for relative ease and convenience) in 24 hours. Then I need to wean myself from Garmin's artful gamification. The badges have motivated me but also negatively warped my training and quality of life! And I need to make amends to my wife...

    1. Thank you. Now 3 days after the run I still got some knee pain but I hope it is gone in a week or so. There will be alternative training for me for a while.
      675 km in 72.8 hours is not bad at all. 9.3 km/h. That is normal running speed for many people and a lot faster than I ran last weekend. Good luck on your last hours before you reach 80 hours!


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