February 2021 badges - Yoga is here for real this time

All challenges are already available in Garmin Connect so head over there and join them. This time Garmin made them all available at once which I think is a good thing so you don't have to come back every week to join the new ones and risk missing any. There is also a yoga challenge. Not a very hard one, but a good start.

February Challenges

February Rundown

Join this challenge and record 50 miles of running activities in February.

February Step Month

Join this challenge and record 280,000 steps in February.

February Walking

Join this challenge and record 30 miles of walking activities in February.

February Joy Rides

Join this challenge and record 250 kilometers of cycling activities in February.

February Weekend 5K

Join this challenge and record a 5-kilometer running activity from February 5-7.

February Weekend Walking

Join this challenge and record a 3-mile walking activity from February 12-14.

February Weekend 40K

Join this challenge and record a 40-kilometer cycling activity from February 19-21.

February Wind Down

Join this challenge and record a total of 60 minutes of yoga activities from February 22-28.

Other badges in February

Year of the Ox

Record an activity on Chinese New Year, February 12, 2021.

Note! Garmin hasn't updated the dates for the two Valentine badges yet, but they will most likely do that. Valentine's day is Februrary 14th.

Be My Valentine

Record an activity on Valentine's Day. - It isn't repeatable so you can't take it again.

Share the Love

Share your Be My Valentine badge on the day you earn it. - It isn't repeatable so you can't take it again.

Other info

Badge for March 1st - Korea’s Independence Movement Day Run

Attend the Korea’s Independence Movement Day Run on March 1, 2021 - Country requirement: Korea, Republic of. If you need to do a run or if any activity will do is unknown.

Enduro badge update

The Enduro badge I announced last month has been removed by Garmin. They have removed both the description and image. The badge was never officially public so Garmin hasn't told us why it was removed. It was a crazy badge and it could be a health risk for some people to try to take it.

Web site updates

  • I've updated the dropdowns and the username dropdown now got a search function since the number of usernames are getting very long. Thank you for using my web site.
  • Sorting of badges also got an update. It broke when I added the start/launch date to all badges. Now they are sorted with time limited first in start date order and all the rest are sorted by name. In the future I will probably add custom sorting.
  • The earned badges are sorted by the repeatable badges first since you can take them again and the rest in name order.

Update 2021-02-03

  • The Enduro badge images is back again. The description is still removed.
  • For the badge "Korea’s Independence Movement Day Run" you must change country to "Korea, Republic of".

Update 2021-02-14

  • Garmin didn't updated the dates for the Valentine's badges so they were not available this year.
  • The Chinese New Year's Eve badge wasn't available this year. It is the day before the Chinese New Year.

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Garmin Connect
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  1. I noticed this all suddenly appeared after syncing my lunch time ride. Also, is the Chinese New Years Eve badge still available for those that do not have it ?

    1. Chinese year badges are always different, as the signs of the zodiac also change every year.

    2. Last year there was one for the Chinese New Year's Eve with a koi fish. The date for that badge hasn't been updated by Garmin. It might have been updated in the backend so you can get it even without the updated date, but we don't know. Just do an activity just in case. I do at least one activity every day all year round just in case a badge pops up unannounced.

    3. No badge today so the badge "Chinese New Year's Eve" didn't return this year.

    4. I just completed the Garmin Weekend Walking badge (3 miles this weekend) and it automatically awarded me the Year of the Ox badge too. Double bonus, as I was worried I wouldn't get it, because it didn't show up in my feed.

    5. Congrats! I also finished the February Walking (30 miles) with the walk this morning. I thought I had one walk left to do. Now I'm finished with all walking for this month since I completed the stage 1 walking for a few days ago. More time for biking and running :-)

  2. Glad there's a yoga one this time! I'd also love to see a swimming one each month and a bit more variety. Apart from the 200k cycling fortnight, they were all really easy.

    Think they've made the right call on Enduro, but a more challenging badge rewarding consistent running - something like 'Run at least 10km a day for 30 consecutive days' - would be nice. Like a watered down version of their initial 80 hours.

    1. There are many ways that Garmin could improve badges and challenges to motivate people especially during stayhome/during lockdown eg; walk 5 kms a day for seven consecutive days. But, unfortunately, Garmin either lacks the imagination or more likely just does not care, which is a shame and might even be costing them sales.

  3. Noooo :((( bye bye Enduro. Such a shame :(

    1. I just saw that Garmin added back the image for the badge. The description is still removed. It seems like it will be launched. There is a rumour about a new Garmin watch called "Garmin Enduro" and the badge will probably be released at the same time.

    2. That's great news! Thanks for all the work you do to keep us all up to date. We all really appreciate it !:)))

  4. Year of the Ox Badge is now in Connect.

    1. Thanks. Added to the database.
      The badge "Korea’s Independence Movement Day Run" is also in Connect now. You need to change country to Korea to see it and be awarded with it.

  5. What is this Garmin run 2021 6k run badge i cant find any information about that event.

    1. There isn't much information known about it. The only thing I've seen is "Attend the Garmin Run 2021 and record 6K on March 7, 2021". I've searched for the event and it is postponed to 2022 due to Corona so I don't think it will be available.
      Read more here: https://www.garmin.com.tw/event/2020/garmin-run/news.html
      Translate the top text in the red banner:
      因新型冠狀病毒(COVID-19) 疫情影響,經考量最新防疫規範及為了全體跑友的健康與安全著想 2021 Garmin Run 將延期至 2022 舉辦

      "Due to the impact of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), the latest anti-epidemic regulations have been considered and for the health and safety of all runners. Garmin Run 2021 will be postponed to 2022."

  6. Didn’t receive the Valentine’s Day badge 🤨

    1. Yeah, Garmin didn't move the dates for those badges. They are still in 2020. So, no Valentine this year :crushed_heart:

    2. Yes, it seems most annual events are repeatable badges.
      BTW, is there a way I can get the menus for this page in English? I speak some German, which helps a little, but I don't speak Swedish. Thanks.

    3. Thanks for letting me know about the language setting. I thought it already was in English. It is fixed now.

  7. I completed an activity today on Valentine's Day February 14th. I then synced and edited the activity, changing only the year to 2020 instead of 2021. I received the Be My Valentine badge. Then I shared the badge and received the Share The Love badge.


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