November 2020 badge challenges

The images and descriptions for the November badge challenges were just published. They are not available to join in Garmin Connect just yet, but in a day or so they will be visible.

Dates in November:

1-7 Joy Rides, 75 km cycling activities

13-15 Lucky 13 running, 13 miles running activities

13-15 Lucky 13 cycling, 13 miles cycling activities

13-20 Lucky 13 Walking, 13 km walking activities

20-22 November Weekend Walking, a 3-mile walk

27-29 November Weekend 10K, a 10 km run

27-29 November Weekend 40K, a 40 km ride

1-30 November Rundown, 50 miles running activites

1-30 November Step Month, 300000 steps

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  1. There are two Thanksgiving badges too

    1. Yes, there are some other badges in November. I've only listed the badge challenges here.

  2. Well for lockdown people, those will be difficult to complete ^^

    1. Going outdoors for exercise is sometimes allowed if you don't do it with other people and if you stay close to your home.
      For a full lockdown you will have to have a bike trainer/stationary bike and a treadmill at home.

  3. Garmin needs levels beyond 5. I'm 46 points from 300 and, with all of these challenges available, it won't be long before I'm there. Also, it would be cool if Garmin did a flights-based challenge.

    1. Completely agree! What would a flights-based challenge look like?

  4. Did anyone manage to get the Taiwan triathlon badges? I see there are a couple of badges coming up for just attending triathlons - I wonder how those will detect that?

    Attend the LAVA Pingtung Dapeng Bay Triathlon in Pingtung, Taiwan, on Dec 6, 2020
    Attend the Fantastic Triathlon in Hualien, Taiwan, on Nov 27, 2020

    1. I started an attempt but had to end it early since I ran out of time.
      The requirement that I later heard was that the start and end points must be in the correct locations in Taiwan.
      My guess is that it is the same for these upcoming Triathlons.

  5. Do you need to do the Cycling in 1 item, or can we add the cycling activities from the 3 days. Tha App says it needs to be 1 activity, the site says it can be added.

    1. There are 3 cycling badges in November. Joy Rides and Lucky 13 cycling can be done in multiple activities. November Weekend 40K must be done in one activity.
      Lucky 13 cycling is the only one available in the app and it says the same thing as the site: "cycling activities"
      Maybe you are using a different language than English and the translation isn't correct.

  6. Hello everyone! Thanks Andy for a great resource!
    I currently have my location set to Taiwan, and three new “Challenge Taiwan” challenges have just appeared:

    8pts: Complete the 226 Challenge Taiwan race in Taiwan on November 14, 2020

    8pts: Complete the 113 Challenge Taiwan race in Taiwan on November 14, 2020

    4pts: Complete the 51.5 Challenge Taiwan race in Taiwan on November 15, 2020

    I also tried to complete the 51.5 Taiwan badge at the end of October. I did the run and the cycling, but had to put a manual entry for the 1500m swim, since I could not get to a pool on the day and did it a day later. But I didn’t get the badge, despite having location set to Taiwan, so probably you do physically need to be there.

    1. Thanks. They are added to the database, but I haven't written anything about them in the blog.

      Those triathlons probably got the same requirement as the last one i Taiwan in October. You need to use a multisport/triathlon activity type in your watch and the start and end locations of the activity must be at the correct locations in Taiwan. It will require some more advanced tricks to be awarded with those badges if you are not participating in the races in Taiwan.

  7. Today I did both walking-badges (Lucky 13 and November Weekend) in one activity.
    I received the November Weekend, but "Lucky 13" was stucked at the same ammount of km than the day before (7.4 from 13).
    I did just 1 h ago another walk, and again, no update.

    Anyone else with this behaviour?

    1. Yes. It is an issue for everyone. The last day for the Lucky 13 Walking isn't counting. It has occurred before that the last day isn't working so the tip is not to wait for the last day to complete the challenges. It will probably be fixed since other people experience the same thing, but send a message to Garmin support just in case.

    2. Hi Andy,
      Thanks for feedback.
      And here is a potential solution: Moving the activity to Thursday (where as usual e.g. 1 calorie + also needs to be changed) and back to Friday seems to have solved the problem. Now completed at Lucky 13 and Nov weekend walking.

      Strange: In the first moment the weekend walking-badge disappeared and lucky 13-badge popped up with 13 km completed, but after I went back to the original date (...don't forget to modify activity again...) suddenly both were there.

      Nice weekend to all of you,

  8. Could you also Termine the Others Guys that tomorrow there are Thanksgiving badges ad a Blogpost? I Just found Thema by accident

    1. Ok. I just posted a new blog post about them.


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