September 2020 Badge Challenges

September badge challenges just published. You can usually join each challenge 2 days before they start.


1-30 Record 300,000 total steps.

1-30 Record at least 50 miles of running activities.

1-30 Record 16 hours of cycling activities.

1-30 Record 16 hours of walking activities.

6-19 Record at least 200 kilometers of cycling activities.

11-13 Join the challenge, then complete a 5-kilometer run.

18-20 Join the challenge, then complete a 3-mile walk.

18-20 Record 35,000 total steps.

Way too much walking for my taste, but I will still try to do them all.


  1. I'm planning to Hike a lot. Is Hiking is compatible to achieve the 16 hours of walking activity? Or I have to start A walking activity

    1. It must be registered as the activity type Walking, but you can change that afterwards in the app or web if you start it as a hiking activity.

    2. I'm afraid, that changing hike to walk in the web-connect it won't calculate to the walking, so I try to do at least 16 hours of measured walk in the month :)

  2. Hello, do you know how weekend challenges work? Do I get a badge immediately or after the end of the weekend? On Monday?
    It´s "11-13 Join the challenge 5-kilometer run". I run on Friday 11th, can see the run on Garmin Connect it´s 9km long. I haven´t got the badge and I am not sure why.
    As these weekly challenges are common I would like to know for future reference.
    Thanks for your time :)

    1. You will get the badge right away.
      Remember to join the challenge in challenge page. If you join after your run you just have to do an edit to your activity to get the badge.

    2. Thank you, you are right. On web Garmin Connect page I cannot join the challenge but I have just checked it on my phone Connect app and there is the option. I have changed the name of the run and I got the badge.
      Thank you for your help :)

  3. Hey e7andy,

    I am asking for your advice once again, I hope you don´t mind.

    I have my daily steps goal set manualy to 10100 steps.

    But for some strange reason when I check statistics on Wednesday it was -1 (minus one). Mon to Tue it was 10100 and today (Thursday) it is 10100 again. But on Wednesday I see -1.

    I am on day 25 of 30 of the 30-Day goal getter and it is frustrating to see the badge counting has been restarted to 1. Why?
    I did not set up anything at my account yesterday, only synchronized my watch in the Connect app on my phone.

    What do you think went wrong with Goals setup? Do you recommend to contact Garmin help directly?

    It is not life and death situation, I know :) But I am in the middle of a challenge with my friends and would like to earn that badge. Only 5 days to go and I could get it!

    Thanks for your time :)

    1. Hi
      I believe it must be something wrong in Garmin Connect since it said -1. It can't be a negative value. That makes no sense at all. I think you should contact Garmin about this:

    2. Yes, you are right, it was something on their side because I did nothing to repair it and it´s back to correct value 10100 steps goal on Wednesday. And the badge went from 2/30 this morning to 26/30 this evening. And I am back in the game :)
      Have you gotten all September badges?
      35K steps this weekend will be fun. We had 15 degrees C on this evening walk, no rain, I hope the weather will last.
      Have a great day,

    3. Great that it is working now.
      I'm almost done with all September badges. Just 4 hours left of cycling and 20.000 steps. I think I will be done with all on Sunday or maybe on Monday.


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